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University Dental Cluster

Common Conditions:

Broken-down/Missing Teeth

Discoloured Teeth

Children’s Dental Problem

Facial pain and Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

Crooked Teeth, Improper Bite and Disproportionate Jaw Position

Gum Disease

Damaged Tooth Surface

Impacted/Wisdom teeth

Dentofacial Deformity

Maxillofacial Injuries

Dental Decay

Oral Disease and Oral Cancer

Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Do your gums bleed when you brush? Or do you brush your teeth less than once a day? Are you concerned that your gums are red, puffy and tender, or have your closest friends start to avoid you because of bad breath? Any experiences with these symptoms may indicate that you have gum disease.

You may think that, at the very most, you may lose your teeth, but there are emerging evidence that gum disease is also linked to heart disease and preterm low birth weight babies.

Gum disease starts as a result of poor oral hygiene or cigarette smoking, allowing bacteria to invade your gum and produce toxins that cause a separation between the roots of your teeth and the supporting bone. Over time, your teeth will start to appear longer and the mobility increases cause spaces to open.


 Bleeding - Gingivitis
Periodontitis:  severe gum problems causing drifting of teeth and tooth loss