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A/Prof Rathi Mahendran

  • Senior Consultant, Department of Psychological Medicine, National University Hospital
  • Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore
  • Associate Professor, Academic Development Department, Duke-NUS Medical School
MBBS (S'pore), MMed (Psych), MMEd (Dundee), FAMS (Psych)
Obstetric Anaesthesia, Surgical Oncology
Special Interests:
Medical Education, Psychopharmacology, Psycho-Oncology


Dr Rathi Mahendran graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1980 and completed the Specialist Training in Psychiatry in 1998. She subsequently trained in the UK and the US under Health Manpower Development Plan programmes in 1989 and 1996 respectively. She received a Master of Medical Education from the University of Dundee (UK) in 2013.


​Distinguished Psychiatrist Award, Singapore Psychiatric Association (2016)

Journals & Publications

1. WWT Khine, ML Voong, TKS Ng, L Feng, GA Rane, AP Kumar, EH Kua, R Mahendran, R Mahendran, YK Lee. Mental awareness improved mild cognitive impairment and modulated gut microbiome. Aging 2020; 12(23):24371-24393. [IF – 4.831]

2. L Feng, R Romero-Garcia, J Suckling, J Tan, A Larbi, I Cheah, G Wong, M Tsakok, B Lanskey, D Lim, J Li, J Yang, B Goh, T Gwee, C Teck, A Ho, X Wang, JT Yu, C Zhang, C Tan, M Chua, J Li, JJ Totman, C Wong, M Loh, R Foo, CH Tan, LG Goh, R Mahendran, BK Kennedy, EH Kua. Effects of choral singing versus health education on cognitive decline and aging: a randomized controlled trial. Aging 2020; 12(24): 24798 - 24816. [IF – 4.831]

3. XY Lim, AC Yap, R Mahendran, JH Yu. The interplay between anxiety, fear, protective behaviors, compassion and resilience among older adults during a COVID-19 lockdown: a structural equation modelling study. Translational Behavioral Medicine 2020. [IF – 2.521]

4. W Tam, SN Poon, R Mahendran, EH Kua, XV Wu. The Effectiveness of Reminiscence-based Intervention on Improving Psychological Well-being in Non-clinical Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. International Journal of Nursing Studies 2021; 114:103847. [IF – 3.783]

5. TKS Ng, A Tagawa, RCM Ho, A Larbi, EH Kua, R Mahendran, JJ Carollo, PC Heyn. Commonalities in Biomarkers and Phenotypes between Mild Cognitive Impairment and Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Exploratory Study. Aging 2021; 13(2): 1773-1816.  [IF – 4.831]

6. R Kashyap, GK Eng, S Bhattacharjee, B Gupta, R Ho, CSH Ho, M Zhang, R Mahendran, K Sim, SHA Chen. Individual-fMRI-Approaches reveal Cerebellum and Visual Communities to be Functionally Connected in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Nature Research Scientific Reports 2021; 11:1354. [IF – 3.998]

7. M Han, XY Tan, R Lee, JK Lee, R Mahendran. Impact of Social Media on Health-Related Outcomes among Older Adults in Singapore: Qualitative Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research Aging 2021; 4(1): e23826. [IF – 4.831]

8. JH Yu, I Rawtaer, L Feng, J Fam, AP Kumar, IKM Cheah, WG Honer, W Su, YK Lee, EC Tan, EH Kua, R Mahendran. Mindfulness intervention for mild cognitive impairment led to attention-related improvements and neuroplastic changes: results from a 9-month randomized control trial. Journal of Psychiatric Research 2021; 135:203-211.  [IF – 4.465]

9. B Ariokiamary, V Russell, HA Lim, JM Koay, J Xia, XH Zhao, X Xu, DX Wu, JX Chen, EH Kua, R Mahendran. Educational Environments in Asian Medical Schools: A cross-national comparison between Malaysia, Singapore and China. Asia Pacific Psychiatry Journal 2021. PMID: 33646626 [IF – 1.094]

10. M Han, R Mahendran, J Yu. Associations between fear of COVID-19, affective symptoms and risk perception among community-dwelling older adults during a COVID-19 lockdown. Frontiers in Psychology 2021; 638831. [IF – 2.067]

Professional Memberships

​Fellow (Psychiatry), Chapter of Psychiatrists, Academy of Medicine Singapore


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