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Dr Alex Teo

  • Associate Consultant, University Spine Centre, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, National University Hospital
  • Associate Consultant, Division of Spine Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Alexandra Hospital
MA (Cantab), MBBChir, MRCS (Eng), MMed (Ortho Surg), FRCSEd (Ortho Surg)
Orthopaedic Surgery (Bones, Joints & Spine)
Spine Surgery
Special Interests:
​Degenerative and traumatic conditions involving the spine


​Dr Alex Teo is an Associate Consultant covering both the University Spine Centre at the National University Hospital, as well as the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Alexandra Hospital.

He graduated from the prestigious University of Cambridge, and gained some experience working in the UK prior to completing his Orthopaedic Surgery residency training within the NUHS cluster in Singapore. He has obtained a Masters of Medicine (Orthopaedic Surgery) from the National University of Singapore, and has been appointed a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

His main specialty interests are in degenerative and traumatic conditions involving the spine, and he continues to actively pursue excellence in clinical research and medical education on top of his regular clinical commitments. 

Journals & Publications

1. Teo AQA, Ng DQK, Ramruttun AK, O'Neill GK. Standard versus customised locking plates for fixation of schatzker ii tibial plateau fractures. Injury. 2022 Feb 1;53(2):676-82.
2. Kostadinov A, Yan L, Teo AQA, O'Neill GK. Slanted and cluttered: Solving deficiencies in SLM-manufactured lattice geometries. Materials & Design. 2021 Sep 27:110130.
3. Teo AQA, Ng DQK, Lee P, O'Neill GK. Point-of-Care 3D Printing: A Feasibility Study of Using 3D Printing for Orthopaedic Trauma. Injury. 2021 Feb 17.
4. Teo AQA, Yan L, Chaudhari A, O’Neill GK. Post-Processing and Surface Characterization of Additively Manufactured Stainless Steel 316L Lattice: Implications for BioMedical Use. Materials. 2021 Jan;14(6):1376.
5. Lim JL, Hey HW, Kumar N, Teo AQA, Lau LL, Hee HT, Ruiz JN, Kumar NS, Thambiah JS, Liu GK, Wong HK. A 10-Year Radiographic Study Comparing Anterior Versus Posterior Instrumented Spinal Fusion in Patients With Lenke Type 5 Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. Spine. 2020 May 1;45(9):612-20.
6. Teo AQA, Thomas AC, Hey HW. Sagittal alignment of the cervical spine: do we know enough for successful surgery?. Journal of Spine Surgery. 2020 Mar;6(1):124.
7. Teo AQA, Wong KL, Shen L, Lim JY, Toh WS, Lee EH, Hui JH. Equivalent 10-year outcomes after implantation of autologous bone marrow–derived mesenchymal stem cells versus autologous chondrocyte implantation for chondral defects of the knee. The American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2019 Oct;47(12):2881-7.
8. HWD Hey, DAW Choong, AZ Lin, ETC Lau, AQA Teo, GKP Liu, HK Wong. Patient and radiographer assessment of slump sitting flexion compared to conventional standing forward bending flexion. Journal of Spine Surgery. 2018 Sep 26.
9. AQA Teo, JH Yik, SJK Ng, DP Murphy, GK O’Neill. Accuracy of sacroiliac screw placement with and without intraoperative navigation and clinical application of the sacral dysmorphism score. Injury. 2018 Jul 1;49(7):1302-6.
10. HW Hey, KA Tan, SB Kantharajanna, AQA Teo, CX Chan, KP Liu, HK Wong. Using spinopelvic parameters to estimate residual lumbar lordosis assuming previous lumbosacral fusion—a study of normative values. The Spine Journal. 2018 Mar 1;18(3):422-9.


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