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Specialised Programmes

Department of Rehabilitation

Specialised Programmes

Children with speech, language and communication difficulties require a lot of support, encouragement and time to master the skills of communication and language. Our Adult Training Programmes aim to impart the skills of nurturing language and communication to parents, caregivers and teachers. Adults, who are equipped with these skills of enhancing communication and language development, become confident to provide 'therapy' for the children. By becoming the therapy provider, participants can also save on time and money in the long run.

All the programmes are based on models of adult learning and are tailored to suit adult learning styles. A variety of methods are used to cater to the dynamic/ imaginative/ common sense/ analytical learner types.

Programmes available in NUH include: enhancing the communication skills of children, sharing books programme, Parent Training Programme for child language development (PTP), social skills training program for children on the autism spectrum and developmental disorders and school-aged language programmes. These programmes are also available on site for institutions and companies wishing to engage the expertise of our speech therapists for the benefit of their staff.