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Order and Relax / Home Delivery

Order and Relax’ and ‘Home Delivery’ are two initiatives that are introduced by National University Hospital (NUH) Pharmacy to improve patient’s experience with regards to medicines collection at our pharmacies.

Order and Relax’ is a new service implemented which allow patients with partially collected NUH prescriptions to place an advanced online order for collection. The estimated time required to process the request are as follow:

Ordering Period Processing Time
Monday - Friday Before 4pm At least 1 working day
After 4pm At least 2 working days
*Saturday - Sunday At least 2 working days

* Note: No collection available on Saturdays, Sundays, eve of public holidays and public holidays

Collection and payment can be made at your preferred pharmacy within NUH.

Home Delivery’ is a service which allow medicines to be delivered to patient’s doorsteps at a nominal fee. This helps to bring greater convenience to patients by eliminating the need to travel to the hospital.



  1. This service is only applicable for partially collected prescriptions from NUH. New medicines will not be eligible for this service.
  2. Patients should have at least 5-day supply of the required medicines at home.
  3. This service will NOT be available for the following medicines:
    1. Controlled drugs
    2. Laboratory orders
    3. Exemption medicines – medicines that are not approved by Health Science Authority (HSA)
    4. Special order medicines – medicines that are not available in NUH and need to be specially bought in
    5. Pharmacy only medicines
  4. This service is NOT applicable for prescriptions from NUH Clinic A (Children’s Specialist clinic)


  1. All NUH prescriptions have a validity period of ONE year. Expired prescriptions will NOT be processed.
  2. If you do not have an original NUH prescription for processing, please consult your doctor(s) at the respective clinic(s).


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