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NUH myMeds Mobile Application Support (FAQ)


How do I register an account on NUH myMeds?
  • On the side bar, select ‘LOGIN’ or ‘Sign In’ and click on ‘SIGN UP’.
  • Enter the fields required i.e. a valid email address, username, password and re-type password.
  • If successful, there will be a prompt which states ‘Your username has been created successfully’. 

Why is a PIN number required to login to NUH myMeds each time?

A PIN number acts as an additional level of security to protect your information stored on the app, as you may select to ‘Stay signed in’ when you first login so that you need not key in your username and password each time you use the app. 

What are the functions in NUH MyMeds?

There are five main functions and they are ‘My Medication’, ‘Re-order of Medication’, ‘Medication catalogue’, ‘Pharmacy Queue-watch’ and ‘Wayfinder’. The details of each function will be elaborated below.

  1. My Medication allows the user to add a list of medications that he/she is currently taking. Reminders can be set for each dose of medication to remind the user to take the medication at a specified time. Details of each medication (e.g. side effects, storage) are also easily accessible when you click on the name of medication that you have added in.
  2. Re-order of Medication allows the user to place an order for medication  from a previous partially collected NUH prescription either through the Order & Relax service or Home Delivery.
  3. Medication catalogue contains drug information about the various medications present in the NUH pharmacy formulary, in the form of virtual patient information leaflets.Users will be able to know more about their medications and how to manage any medication-related problems e.g. side effects.
  4. Pharmacy Queue-watch allows the user to view the current queue situation in the pharmacy via screen-grabs from webcams in Main building pharmacy, Kent Ridge Wing pharmacy, Medical Centre pharmacy and Retail Heart pharmacy.
  5.  Wayfinder includes maps to locate the various pharmacies in NUH and shows you how to get to a particular location in the main building. 
I have to enter in my personal details such as address, contact numbers, and even NRIC number when ordering medication. Is this platform secure?
  • The mobile application is secured by your PIN number, and login password.
  • For ordering of medication, the NRIC number input is one of the necessary information that we require to process your order. The details are sent directly to a secure NUH email account only accessible by authorized pharmacy staff. These details are not saved in the application, your phone or the vendor’s database. 

Will more than one user be able to use the app on the same mobile device?

  • Yes. However, only profile and medication list information will be retained.
  • Notification reminders for first user will be deleted when second user logs in. This is to prevent confusion.

My Medication Function

How do I add a medicine to ‘My Medication’?

  • At the bottom of the screen, select ‘My Medication’ and then select ‘+ Add Medication’.
  • You may add medicine from the catalogue. If the medication cannot be found on the catalogue, you may add in as a free text.
  • Input dose of medication to be taken.
  • Select start and end dates.
  • You may choose to add a reminder for your medication.
  • Press ‘save’ to save your options.

How to set and edit Reminder?

  • Slide to activate reminder.
  • Fill up relevant fields which include how frequently the medicine needs to be taken, add time and whether To edit reminder, press the bottom bar below the medication name. The relevant fields will appear on the screen for you to edit the information.

Re-order of Medication Function

Can I order my medications via phone call through any pharmacy?

Yes, you can! However, there are some medications that are only available at a specific pharmacy. Our staff will advise you on where you may pick up your medication accordingly.

 Is it possible for me to change the medication quantity at the point of collection?

We require approximately 30 minutes to process your prescription for any changes made at the point of collection. You would also need to join the queue in the pharmacy.

Can I order my medications using a new prescription from NUH or a prescription from polyclinics or other hospitals via the NUH myMeds mobile app?

No, ordering via our mobile app is only applicable to partially collected prescriptions from NUH.

Can I order medications from the pharmacy when I run out of my medications?

No. Supply of medication requires a valid prescription. Please contact your clinic if you do not have a prescription.

If I order my medications this morning via phone call or online, can I collect them this afternoon?

No, the earliest time for collection would be the next morning of your ordering date if the order is sent in before 4pm.

 If I order my medications on Friday, can I collect them on Saturday morning?

No, the earliest day of collection would be Monday (excluding public holidays). Medication collection is not available on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

 If I place an order for my medications on Sunday, can I collect them on Monday morning?

No, the earliest day of collection would be on Tuesday (as we will only process these orders after 4pm on Monday).

 I used to fax in my prescription in the morning and collect in the afternoon on the same day, can I do the same thing now?

Yes, you can still do the same thing. Kindly collect your medications after 5pm.

 Where should I go to pick up my medications?

Our pharmacist will send a text message to your mobile phone with collection details. If you did not receive any text message from us, kindly give us a call the next morning.

 If I want to use Medisave for my medication collection, what should I do?

  • As the application to use Medisave for your medication is only valid on the day of collection, you may inform us of your request in advance via phone.
  • Alternatively, you may inform our counter staff when you collect your medication.
  • Do note that an additional 15 minutes would be needed for us to process your application.
  • Kindly note that if there is no proper Medisave authorization, your application may be rejected.

If I have an enquiry regarding home delivery service, who do I contact?

For enquiries on home delivery, please contact us at the following numbers during working hours:

  • Medical Centre Pharmacy, Level 3 TEL: 6772 8205
  • Main Building Pharmacy, Level 1 TEL: 6772 5181
  • Kent Ridge Wing Pharmacy, Level 3 TEL: 6772 5184
  • Heart Centre Pharmacy, Level 1 TEL: 6772 2367
  • National University Cancer Institute Singapore (NCIS), Level 9 Tel: 6772 4287
  • A&E Pharmacy (Only for after office hours) TEL: 6772 5821

When is the earliest I can receive my medications if I opt for home delivery service?

  • For normal home delivery, you may receive your medications in 3 working days after you place your order.
  • For urgent delivery, the timing is subject to the arrangement by an external courier and there would be an additional cost of $21.40.

 What are the delivery charges?

$8.55 will be charged for ALL deliveries and/or repeat delivery if there is no one available at the designated address to receive your medication at the scheduled date and time.

For bulky orders (package with weight exceeding 1 kg), the following surcharge is applicable:

  • S$6.40 per delivery (for 2 - 4 cartons)
  • S$12.80 per delivery (for 5 - 10 cartons) 
  • S$21.40 per delivery (for 11 - 30 cartons) 

For urgent home delivery, $21.40 will be charged
**A handling fee of $2.10 per delivery is applicable for any payment by cash or cheque.

Prices are inclusive of 7% GST and are subject to changes.

 Can I request for my medications to be delivered at a specific timing (eg. 3pm)?

No. However, you may opt for your medications to be delivered in the scheduled delivery windows in the morning (9am to 1pm) or in the afternoon (2pm to 6pm).

Drug Information Function

How do I search the drug catalogue?

  • To access the catalogue, click on the “Drug Information” icon on the main Dashboard, or the “Drug Info” icon on the Menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • To search for a medication, scroll down the list to look for it or type it into the search bar.
  • Click on the medication name to view the drug details.
  • Information provided includes:
      • Generic name of medication
      • Class of drug
      • Indication
      • Dosage form
      • Drug images
      • How to take/use this medication
      • Precautions to take
      • What to do if a dose is missed
      • Possible side effects
      • Storage conditions and any other useful information

WayFinder function

How do I use this function?

The exact locations of the pharmacies at the Main Building, Kent Ridge Wing and Medical Centre can be found on the maps in the function.

Note: NUH location finder is applicable only for landmarks located in the Main Building. Select the landmark nearest to you and the landmark that you wish to go to. The route will then be displayed.