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Nursing Department

Our Services

As nursing positions expand beyond the traditional hospital nursing roles, nurses have increased options and flexibility. The wide selection of patient care units and medical specialties offer a career enhancing setting for the professional nurse who desires to develop in bedside nursing. Opportunities exist in these nursing specialties and subspecialties:

Nursing Specialties

  • Critical Care
  • Emergency
  • Medical
  • Obstetric & Gynaecology
  • Oncology
  • Orthopaedic
  • Paediatric
  • Perioperative
  • Surgery

Nursing Sub-Specialties

Breast Care

We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to care for patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer, and related breast conditions throughout the disease trajectory. As integral members of the team, the Breast Care Nurses provide ongoing information; practical and emotional support, coordination of, and quality clinical care to patients and their significant others. In collaboration with other healthcare professionals, our nurses conduct research and translate evidence into optimal care for our patient population.


Chronic Disease Care

NUH In-Patient Chronic Disease Management Programme is a 4-year funded programme by Health Promotion Board. Chronic Disease Care Nurses provide education to patients with diabetes, hypertension and/or hyperlipidaemia. Patients are educated on the disease process, the importance of healthy living, medication adherence and regular medical follow-ups, thus empowering patients to manage and take charge of their health conditions.


Dermatology Care

Dermatology Nurse Clinicians conduct nurse-led clinic for patients with chronic skin diseases, wart, and perform skin cancer screening and surveillance. Our nurses also perform a variety of skin biopsies, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, chemical peeling, and intralesional steroid injections governed by clinical protocols. In addition, our nurses educate and counsel patients and their caregivers on the long-term and home management plans for a wide range of common dermatological conditions.


Diabetes Care

To help patients with diabetes achieve good glycemic control and lead a normal lifestyle, Certified Diabetes Care Nurses work closely with a team comprising the endocrinologist, dietitian, podiatrist and diabetes foot care nurse to provide a high standard of coordinated care. Our Diabetes Care Nurses are also responsible for the development, implementation, evaluation of the standard in nursing and revision of guidelines for nurses in the care of patients with diabetes.


Geriatric Care

With the growing aging population, it is expected there will be increasing challenges in managing older adults with complex care needs. Our Geriatric Care Nurse Clinicians receive referrals, initiate comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, act as a resource person and collaborates with the Geriatricians and multidisciplinary team to optimise care needs and ensure continuity of care for the patients.

Our Geriatric Care Nurses are also responsible for developing, updating and educating nurses on practice guidelines to enhance the care standards of Geriatric nursing in the organisation.


Neuroscience Care

Patients with neurological issues such as stroke, traumatic brain injury and brain tumours may have disabilities that require special care needs. Our nurses in Neuroscience Care conduct nurse led anticoagulation clinic and case-managed patients via multidisciplinary approach under the neurology and neurosurgery discipline. Monthly support groups are introduced and organised for the patient groups and their families. The nurses are involved in raising public awareness by organising regular neuroscience related public forums. They are also committed to lead neuroscience nursing care in the organisation.


Orthopaedic Care

Orthopaedic Nursing is focused on the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders for patients of all ages, from infants to adults. The role of our Orthopaedic Nurse Clinicians include managing and improving care of patients with complex needs ranging from joint replacement, trauma, musculoskeletal oncology, diabetic foot, sports injuries, hand and reconstructive microsurgeries, spine conditions and paediatric orthopaedics. Our Nurse Clinicians are involved in the planning, coordination and evaluation of care delivery to patients and their family. They also act as a resource person; counsel and educate patient and family towards promotion of healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. In addition, our Nurse Clinicians conduct research projects and review evidence based papers for development of guidelines and application into clinical practice.


Pain Care

Our Pain Care Nurses promote and provide optimal pain care to patients. They collaborate with the pain care physicians to provide Acute and Chronic Pain Service which includes:

  • Direct care of patient through daily pain round
  • Patient education on pre and postoperative pain management
  • Staff education related to pain management
  • Develop practice protocols and standard procedures to guide pain care delivery 


Rehabilitation Care

The care of patients requiring rehabilitation involves a multidisciplinary team effort. Our Rehabilitation Care Nurses collaborate with the multidisciplinary team to help patients achieve and maintain the highest possible level of functioning, optimal health and well-being.

Respiratory Care

Our Respiratory Care Nurses provide education to the patients and their caregivers on respiratory disorders. They conduct regular follow ups with our patients to monitor their adherence to treatment and work with patients to develop individualised self-management plan for better control of our patient’s respiratory condition.


Upper Gastrointestinal Care

Our Upper Gastrointestinal Care Nurses provide pre-operative education upon diagnosis, conduct comprehensive programmes for postoperative patients with gastric cancer and provides follow up support service to patients and their caregivers. Our nurses have an additional role in weight management programme, providing patients with comprehensive and compassionate care, to meet each individual with treatment plan and lifestyle modifications.


Wound / Stoma / Constinence Care

Our Nurses in Wound / Stoma / Continence care provide direct patient care by assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating patients with either wound, stoma or incontinence issues. They collaborate with physicians, nurses and allied health professionals in the care of this group of patients. In addition, our nurses are actively involved in staff education and in improving and maintaining nursing care standards in relation to wound/ stoma / continence care.