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Nursing Department

Evidence-Based Nursing Unit (EBNU)


The Evidence-Based Nursing Unit (EBNU), an arm of the Nursing Department, was established in May 2005 with the objective of building the capacity of nursing staff to adopt best practice standards.

The roles of the EBNU in propagating Evidence-Based Practice are:

  • To promote the use of EBP by nurses to improve patient outcomes
  • To organise training programme for nurses in conducting critical appraisals
  • To support nurses to translate evidence-based findings
  • To facilitate EBP projects in the hospital through Journal club and internship programme

EBNU Activities
The Evidence Based Nursing Unit has been involved in various hospital-wide projects to conduct evidence/systematic review and research, and translate evidence-based findings into clinical practice. Some of these projects include:

  • Confirming nasogastric tube placement using pH and X-rays
  • Checking of blood transfusion product by two registered nurses
  • Implementation of oral hygiene assessment and management
  • Assessing falls using Revised Fall Assessment and Intervention Chart
  • Implementation of multiple fall prevention targeted interventions