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Department of Laboratory Medicine

About Us

The NUH Department of Laboratory Medicine was established in May 1988. Over the years, the physical environment and process flow at our department have changed significantly. We have continuously developed and upgraded as new methodologies and technologies become available for clinical diagnostic use. Our main core laboratory facility has been extensively remodelled with contemporary environmental control air-conditioning, non-glare lighting, sound-absorbing ceiling tiles, clever waste disposal and laboratory bench design for optimal work efficiency.

Our Core Laboratory boasts of a fully automated line system comprising sample manager, centrifuge/decapper attached by sophisticated tracking and robotics to automated analytical modules for chemistry, haematology, immunoassay and coagulation testing. Samples are generally untouched by human handling throughout the entire testing cycle.

Our departmental facilities have been significantly enhanced with the recent commissioning of a fully certified BSL-3 facility, state-of-the-art stem cell laboratory support, cytogenetics, and a rapidly maturing Molecular Diagnosis Centre. In addition, it has a fully operational outpatient testing facility at our specialist clinics area. This outpatient laboratory supports a comprehensive menu of chemistry, immunoassay and haematology testing. We appreciate the need to support outpatient ambulatory care, and recognise this as an important developing trend.

Our Laboratory hopes to serve users for the benefit of all our patients.