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Emergency Medicine Department

Our Research

NUH EMD believes in creating an environment of vibrant research and opportunities.

Our Key Research Areas are currently in:--

  • Emergency Cardiac Care, specifically biomarkers for acute coronary syndromes and heart failure
  • Critical Care, specifically Sepsis and Non-invasive ventilation (NIV)
  • Observation Medicine
  • Resuscitation, specifically Shock and Hypothermia
  • Trauma

Published Articles

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Poster Presentations

Title and AuthorsConference(s)

The Importance of Measuring Oxygen Debt in Hemorrhagic Shock.

Benjamin Leong, Mohamad Tiba, Gerald Drauker, Juliana Medina, William Holbert, Robert Barbee, Penny Reynolds, Kevin Ward

American Heart Association Resuscitation Science Symposium:--
Best Original Resuscitation Science, Moderated Poster Session
2009 (Nov) Florida, USA

Oxygen Transport in Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome With Goal Directed Hemodynamic Optimization.

Benjamin Leong, Nathan White, Mohamad Tiba, William Holbert, Gerald Drauker, Juliana Medina, Mary A Perberdy, Joseph P Ornato, Kevin Ward

American Heart Association Resuscitation Science Symposium:--
Best Original Resuscitation Science, Moderated Poster Session
2009 (Nov) Florida, USA

Clinical Performance of Combined Use of Canadian CT Head Rule (CCHR) with serum S100 protein in Evaluation of Minor Head Injury (MHI) patients in the Emergency Department.

Peng Li Lee

a) 8th National HealthCare Group Annual Scientific Congress 2009:
--NUS Leadership in Research (Oct) Singapore
b) 8th National HealthCare Group Annual Scientific Congress 2009 (Oct) Singapore

Evidence-based quality review and improvement of In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Response - NUH Cardiac Arrest Registry.

Benjamin Leong

8th National HealthCare Group Annual Scientific Congress 2009:--
NUS Leadership in Research (Oct) Singapore

Patterns of Limb Injuries in Motorcyclists Involved in Road Traffic Accidents Seen at An Emergency Department in Singapore.

Seet Chong Meng , Brandon Koh

6th National Healthcare Group (NHG) Annual Scientific Congress
2007 (Nov) Singapore

Public Access Defibrillation in Singapore. What is the Geographic Time Distribution?

Marcus Ong, Benjamin Leong

6th National Healthcare Group (NHG) Annual Scientific Congress
2007 (Nov) Singapore

Fatty Acid-Binding protein, creatine kinase- MB mass, electrocardiogram and myoglobin (TroFCEM Study) in rapid bedside diagnosis of ACS in chest pain patients presenting to an ED.

Shirley Ooi BS, Ling Lien Hsi

a) 6th National Healthcare Group (NHG) Annual Scientific Congress
2007 (Nov) Singapore
b) 8th Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore (SEMS) Annual Scientific Congress Meeting 2007 (May) Singapore

Falls in the Elderly - An Emergency Room Perspective.

Lee Sock Koon

Hong Kong Scientific Symposium on Emergency Medicine
2007 (Oct) Hong Kong

Patients with Haemolytic complications of Warfarin Presenting to the Emergency Department.

Seet Chong Meng, Soma Subramaniam

5th National Healthcare Group (NHG) Annual Scientific Congress
2006 (Oct) Singapore

Improving patient outcomes in COPD exacerbations

Irwani Bte Ibrahim

Ministry of Health Clinical Quality Poster Competition 2006 Singapore
(Awarded 1st prize)

Non invasive ventilation initiated in the emergency department is just as effective as in the intensive care.

Irwani Bte Ibrahim, Jason Phua, Peter G Manning and Tow Keang Lim.

15th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS)
2005 (Aug) Copenhagen, Denmark

D-Dimer HSRP Chest Pain Study.

Chong Chew Lan, Malcolm Mahadevan

American College of Emergency Physician Scientific Assembly
2004 (Oct) Seattle, USA

Diagnostic accuracy for patients admitted through NUH Emergency Department.

Lee Kuan Wee, Shirley Ooi

BS 3rd National Healthcare Group (NHG) Annual Scientific Congress
2004 (Oct) Singapore

Elderly Utilization of Emergency Services and Its Outcome.

Lee Sock Koon, Malcolm Mahadevan

3rd National Healthcare Group (NHG) Annual Scientific Congress
2004 (Oct) Singapore

Oral Presentations

Implementation of a 6-Hour Severe Sepsis Bundle in Multiple Asian Countries Is Associated With Decreased Mortality.

Sungwon Na, Mahesh Joshi, Chih-huang Li, Malcolm Mahadevan, Amit Varma, Chien-Chang Lee, Sumit Ray, Lu Yiming, Kuan Win Sen, Bhavini Jaiswal, H Bryant Nguyen

CHEST--American College of Chest Physicians Scientific Presentations and Awards:--Protocol Implementation in the ICU
2009 (Nov) San Diego, USA

Low Volume Resuscitation and repayment of Oxygen Debt from Traumatic Shock.

Benjamin Leong

Society For Academic Emergency Medicine
2009 (May) New Orleans, USA

Can Patients with Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax be successfully managed in a 24 hours Emergency Observation Unit?

Kuan Win Sen, Kanwar S Lather, Malcolm Mahadevan

EMCOM 2008. 10th Annual International Conference of Society for Emergency Medicine in India 2008 (Nov) Salem, India

Unscheduled Returns to the Emergency Department - Are They Warranted?

Kuan Win Sen, Malcolm Mahadevan

10th Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore (SEMS) Annual
Scientific Meeting
2008 (Mar) Singapore

Factors Predicting Survival in Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest.

Benjamin Leong, Marcus Ong et al

6th National Healthcare Group (NHG) Annual Scientific Congress
2007 (Nov) Singapore

An Audit on the Efficacy of Various Antiemetic Medications in the Management of Vomiting at the Children's Emergency.

Ong Pei Yuin

7th Singapore Emergency Medicine Society (SEMS) Annual Scientific Meeting
2006 (Mar) Singapore

Incremental Value of serial ECGs and point-of-care
cardiac markers in diagnosing ACS in low to intermediate risk patients with a nondiagnostic initial ECG.

Shirley Ooi BS, Ling Lien Hsi

a) 3rd Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine 2004 (Oct) Hong Kong
b) 2nd National Healthcare Group (NHG) Annual Scientific Congress
2003 (Oct) Singapore
(Best Medical Paper Award)
c) 4th Singapore Emergency Medicine Society (SEMS) Annual Scientific Meeting
2003 (Mar) Singapore
d) 9th International Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICEM) 2002 (Jun) Edinburgh, UK