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Advance Care Planning


Advance Care Planning (ACP) is for everyone, regardless of age or health condition. It is a voluntary discussion that helps you to express your wishes about your future health and personal care.

The ACP discussion will guide you to reflect on your personal beliefs, values and share your healthcare preferences with your loved ones and healthcare providers. You will also be asked to appoint a nominated healthcare spokesperson (NHS) to help you to make important decisions in the event that you are no longer able to communicate. The discussion will be documented in the form of an advance care plan that will be used to guide your healthcare team and loved ones to make decisions on your behalf during an emergency.

With these conversations carried out early, your loved ones can have peace of mind without having to make assumptions about what you might or might not want in a medical crisis. The advance care plan will help your loved ones and the healthcare team to make better decisions that match your life values and healthcare goals during the critical periods.

Types of ACP

Stages of ACP over the Lifetime of Adults
General ACP Disease Specific ACP Preferred Plan of Care ACP


  • Nominate healthcare spokesperson(s)
  • Decision on goal of care if one is to be rendered severely mentally impaired with low chance of recovery


  • Nominate healthcare spokesperson(s)
  • Determine what goals of treatment should be followed if complications result in “bad outcomes”
  • Specific disease-related care


  • Nominate healthcare spokesperson(s)
  • Care options on CPR
  • Care goals on medical intervention in the event of a potentially life-threatening crisis
  • Preference on place of care and place of death

  Target group(s)

  • Healthy adults
  • Adults with early chronic disease

  Target group(s)

  • Adults with progressive, life-limiting illness, suffering frequent complications

  Target group(s)

  • Adults whom it would not be a surprise if they will pass away in the next 12 months



The ACP programme is supported by the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC). The ACP approach that is implemented widely in Singapore is adapted from the Respecting Choices® framework (Gundersen Health System, USA).

NUH started ACP in late 2011 with three disciplines: Cardiology, General Medicine/Geriatric and Oncology. The programme has since been extended to a total of eight disciplines to date:

ACP Programme (Medical Disciplines)
Cardiology General Medicine / Geriatric Infectious Diseases
Liver Renal Respiratory
Oncology Neurology

If you are interested to do an Advance Care Plan (ACP), please approach your doctor or nurse for more information.  

More information on Advance Care Planning in Singapore can be found from the following websites: