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NUH Hand Hygiene Week (3 – 7 May)

Save Lives with Clean Hands

In conjunction with the WHO Hand Hygiene Day on 5 May, NUH organised a series of activities to remind staff on the importance of hand hygiene. Themed "Save Lives with Clean Hands", the campaign serves as a reminder that everyone has a part to play to stop the spread of harmful infections not only in the hospital, but also in the community. 
One of the highlights of the week-long activities is a giant poster across the KRW façade to encourage all to wash their hands. In addition, a customised mascot in the shape of a hand, visited the NUH wards and clinics to demonstrate the 6-step hand washing techniques and passed out educational brochures on MRSA infection and alcohol hand rubs to our patients, visitors and staff.
The simple gesture of using alcohol hand rub to clean your hands regularly can help to save a life. If you have not already adopted this habit, start today and help us make our hospital a safer place for our patients.           

Pictures for Hand Hygiene Week


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