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NUH delivers Asia's first baby conceived naturally from implanted ovarian tissue

A team of doctors and embryologists from the NUH Women's Centre and the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS), has helped restore a cancer patient’s natural ability to conceive by preserving part of her ovarian tissue before she received cancer treatment, then implanting it after she had recovered from the cancer.

Mdm Siti Nurjannah’s ovarian tissue was preserved using a method called ovarian tissue cryopreservation. This involved the doctors removing part of her ovaries before she received chemotherapy, which the team of embryologists then preserved via a slow-freeze method.

When Mdm Siti recovered from cancer and was ready to start a family, our doctors re-implanted the preserved ovarian tissue, which our embryologists thawed and rinsed before the re-implantation. The patient eventually conceived naturally and delivered a healthy baby in May 2015.

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The Straits Times (page B5), 8 July 2015

亚洲第一例 接受卵巢组织移植手术后自然受孕产婴
联合早报 (page 13), 8 July 2015

Lahir anak walau barah jejas kesuburan
Berita Harian (page 2), 8 July 2015

联合晚报 (page 6), 7 July 2015

亚洲首例 医生助恢复自然生育能力 患癌症康复 妇女生下女婴
新明日报 (page 4), 7 July 2015

First baby conceived naturally from implanted ovarian tissue born in NUH
TODAY Online, 7 July 2015
Channel NewsAsia Online, 7 July 2015

NUH Delivers Asia's First Baby Conceived Naturally From Implanted Ovarian Tissue
Bernama, 7 July 2015

Read the press release here.