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Inpatient Charges

Before admission, you will receive financial counselling at the Specialist Clinic/Centre, A&E or Patient Service Centre. Upon admission, you will be advised on your estimated cost of hospitalisation that will be incurred during your stay in the hospital.






Daily Ward Fee


General Ward

S$802.50 S$535.00 S$240.75 S$79.00 S$41.00

High Dependency Unit

S$618.46  S$494.34 S$202.00 S$100.00

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

- Cardiothoracic ICU (CTICU) S$1,043.25  S$834.60  S$340.00 S$200.00
- ICU S$914.85  S$731.88  S$296.00 S$140.00
- Neonatal ICU (NICU) S$695.50  S$556.40 S$224.00 S$150.00


S$95.23  S$75.97  S$30.00 S$15.00

(a) From 1 Jan 09, hospital fees/charges shown for B2 and C class wards are based on maximum subsidy level.
(b) Room charges quoted are inclusive of 7% GST which is applicable to private patients only. Actual charges may differ for Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Resident Foreigners and Non-Residents. Please confirm with the counter staff prior to admission.
(c) Hospital fees/charges shown for B2 and C class wards are based on assumption that patient receives maximum Government subsidy (GST is absorbed by the hospital).
(d) Fees above are only bed charges and DO NOT include other hospital charges e.g. daily treatment fee (DTF) procedures, medication, laboratory tests, x-rays, etc.(e) Information is correct at the time of publishing (14 Jan 2019) and subject to revision without notice.
(f)  Rooming-in services (allowed for exceptional cases) will cease and family must vacate room once patient is transferred out of the room.



Eligibility of Subsidy

1. Patients will not be eligible for subsidised care and can only select Deluxe Suite, Class A1, A2 or B1 wards upon admission if they are:

- Non-residents.
- Admitted due to industrial accidents (Class B2/C ward allowed but charged at unsubsidised rates).
- Admitted for non-basic healthcare services (eg. liver transplant, bone marrow transplant, cosmetic surgery etc).
- Transferred from a private hospital or private wards of another restructured hospital.
- Referred to a specific doctor or wish to have their choice of doctor.
- Being consulted or treated by their choice of doctor.

2. The following patients will not be eligible for subsidised care and can only select Deluxe Suite or Class A1 wards:

- Patients who are being referred from a visiting consultant's private clinic.

3. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents* who are not warded for the reasons stated in Clause 1 are eligible for admission to subsidised wards. The level of government subsidy given for Class B2 and C patient differs. For subsidised patients, a team of doctors will carry out the medical follow-up in the ward.

* Patients must show documentary proof that they are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.


Rooming In

Relatives of Class A or Deluxe patients in KRW can choose to room-in with the patient if they wish to with no additional charges.



Fax/Telephone Charges

Patients will be charged at operator-assisted rate for all overseas calls made. Patients will not be charged for local fax or telephone calls made from the ward. Such expenses are not claimable from Medisave nor covered by CSC.




You may be required to place a deposit of the entire estimated bill size upon admission. If there is a requirement to place a deposit, our staff will assist to calculate the amount upon admission during financial counseling. Additional deposits may be required if your stay is extended due to unforeseen circumstances. Partial or waiver of deposit is accepted if a Letter of Guarantee from the employer or insurance company, MediShield Life, Medisave, Hospital Identity Card (HIC), Civil Service Concession (CSC) card or any other benefit card is presented upon admission.

Deposit payment can be made by cash, credit cards or NETS. Receipts will be issued upon payment.


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