​MILES & ERAS Programme

The demand for surgical services is increasing and major surgery, in particular, presents major challenges for our patients. Evidence suggests that managing patients holistically at all stages of their surgical journey improves outcome and enhances recovery.

At NUH, we have instituted two nurse-led perioperative care programmes for patients going for major surgery. These are holistic and individualised programmes providing multidisciplinary care throughout the patient's surgical journey. For patients below 65 years old, we have the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programme. For patients aged 65 and above, we have the Management and Innovation for Longevity in Elderly Surgical (MILES) patients programme-a nurse-led programme - which is enhanced version of the ERAS programme.

The MILES programme is a holistic and individualised programme for patients aged 65 and above who are going for elective major surgery. It seeks to help elderly patients quickly return to the level of function they had before their surgery.

Elderly patients are at higher risk of developing complications after surgery compared to their younger counterparts. We believe that nurses play an important role in reducing the stresses of surgery and thus, ensuring the well-being of patients throughout the perioperative process. As anticipated, these programs have been led by nurses with excellent outcomes.