Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare team. At NUH, nurses at every level are empowered to shape and govern their clinical practice. In this series, nurses share their stories on pursuing their nursing passion.

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Senior Staff Nurse
Angela Shum
Assistant Nurse Clinician
Advanced Practice Nurse
Julian Pinto
Assistant Nurse Clinician
Nur Jelita Remie
Assistant Nurse Clinician
Emergency Medicine

Pursuing My Nursing Passion  A Nurturing Journey
Pema Lim (Senior Staff Nurse Oncology)

“My interest in nursing stems from the influence of the most incredible person in my life – my mother. She was a cardiac technologist and constantly shared her encounters and experience of working alongside nurses. 

Following my graduation from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Nursing, I pursued my Bachelor of Science with Honours in Nursing at the University of Glasgow (a collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology), and graduated in 2018.

Five years into the profession, my patients have never failed to inspire me. They are my best teachers – both personally and professionally. 

As I reflect on my journey, it has definitely been a wonderful experience since day one at NUH, thanks to the nurturing leaders and supportive colleagues who are now my second family. 

Nursing is dynamic, challenging, and most importantly, rewarding. 

I am thankful for all that has happened, and for my new family – my nursing family.”

Pursuing My Nursing Passion  Transforming Care
Angela Shum (Assistant Nurse Clinician, Advanced Practice Nurse – Surgery)

“I graduated from NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies in 2013.

As a student nurse attached to NUH, I was attracted to its vibrant and nurturing work environment and its strong emphasis on the use and development of evidence-based nursing practice. NUH naturally became my first choice upon graduation. 

Since the start of my nursing journey, I have been with the surgical team. I was given the opportunity to be rotated to both the outpatient surgical clinics and inpatient wards, including the transplant unit.

Being able to be at different places allowed me to gain insights into different surgical patient journeys and the care involved. 

NUH nurses take pride in our professional practice model – our N.I.C.E (Nurturing leadership, Innovation, Collaboration and Exemplary practice) culture. We always look for ways to improve our care for patients, and do it as a team. We collaborate with clinicians and allied health professionals, and are also strongly guided and supported by our mentors from the evidence-based nursing unit. 

Nursing is definitely a challenging but fulfilling career.”

Julian Pinto (Assistant Nurse Clinician – Cardiology)

“I have always been intrigued by Science and pursued my studies in biomedical sciences in polytechnic. 

As I wanted something ‘with action’, I decided to study nursing at NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies. I joined NUH upon graduation in 2013. 

Given my interest in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, I was happy to be first posted to a cardiology general ward. It allowed me to gain a broad exposure and have a good foundation before I was rotated to the Coronary Care Unit & Cardiac Monitoring Unit. 

NUH provides opportunities such as rotations and in-house courses to further develop the nurses. I attended the Critical Care Nursing Course and received my specialisation in critical care. 

With the constant advancement in nursing, my personal goal is to continuously improve my competency and knowledge in order to advocate for patient safety and quality of care. I also hope to create a more supportive work environment for my colleagues as we navigate our nursing journey together.” 

Pursuing My Nursing Passion  Expecting the Unexpected
Nur Jelita Remie (Assistant Nurse Clinician – Emergency Medicine)

"I took a mid-career switch and never looked back.

My first encounter with nurses and doctors was during my humanitarian relief efforts with Singapore Red Cross and Mercy Relief. I was in awe of the work done by the volunteer nurses and doctors but I did not explore a role in healthcare.

I ventured into the events (Arts and Entertainment) industry instead. One day, I chanced upon an advertisement for a mid-career conversion to be a nurse. It felt like a calling. I took the leap of faith and signed up for the career conversion programme at Nanyang Polytehcnic.

Since then, it has been a humbling journey for me to work alongside a dynamic team of healthcare professionals. 

NUH supports the development of its staff and has been my pillar of support throughout my nursing career. The hospital sponsored me for my Advanced Diploma in Emergency Nursing at Nanyang Polytechnic, and for my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Practice (Honours) awarded by Unversity of Manchester (in collaboration with Singapore Institute of Technology).

As an emergency nurse of 16 years (and counting), I have been given boundless opportunities to grow. 

I had the chance to plan, coordinate and conduct in-house courses to ensure nurses are properly inducted and kept up to date. I also guide nursing students during their clinical attachment programme, to ensure their learning objectives are met.”

Gabriella D/O M Kaniasan
Staff Nurse
Nurshafiqah Binte Othman
Senior Enrolled Nurse
Christina Wai
Assistant Nurse Clinician
Sushma Sukanya Mohan
Senior Staff Nurse
Obstetrics & Gynaecology​

Pursuing My Nursing Passion - A Joyful Journey
Gabriella D/O Kaniasan (Staff Nurse  Paediatrics)

“Nursing has been a blissful and exciting journey! 

I started my nursing career as an enrolled nurse. I decided to pursue my nursing diploma at Ngee Ann Polytechnic – almost 10 years after working as an enrolled nurse following my graduation from ITE in 2008. I joined NUH in 2020 upon graduating. 

Nursing has moulded me to be the person I am today. Through the advice and guidance of my managers, preceptors and colleagues, I have changed and grown to be more detailed in my work and take feedback positively. Nursing to me, is a continuous journey of learning.

Today, I am proud to be a paediatric nurse, journeying alongside my brave young patients on their recovery. 

With the encouragement and support of my supervisors, I am pursuing my part-time degree with NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, to further equip myself with knowledge to provide better nursing care for my patients.”

Pursuing My Nursing Passion Touching Lives, One at A Time
Nurshafiqah Binte Othman (Senior Enrolled Nurse  Ophthalmology)

“Opportunities are everywhere, regardless where you are posted to. 

Being a nurse is never stagnant. There’s always something new you can learn, especially in an academic medical centre like NUH. Having worked in the wards and now as an outpatient ophthalmology nurse, I have been able to make constant growth professionally!

I joined NUH upon graduating from ITE College East. When I first started working, I was afraid of what was in store as it was my first full-time job. 

My worries were unfounded as my seniors patiently guided and showed me the ropes. At NUH, we focus on rapport building with our patients.

Aside from my nursing duties, I was given opportunities to guide and be a preceptor to student nurses and new joiners. I was also a nurse ambassador, where I represented NUH and spoke to nursing students regarding a career with us.

There’s never a dull day at NUH nursing!”

Pursuing My Nursing Passion  A Lifetime of Rewards 
Christina Wai (Assistant Nurse Clinician – Medicine)

“I was determined to pursue an education in nursing since my secondary school days. I worked hard and went on to study nursing at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Despite my love for children, I didn’t want to just focus on one specialty at the start of my career and had picked ‘multi-disciplinary’ as my interest during the interview. 

I’m glad I did. 12 years on, I am still loving my practice at a multi-disciplinary isolation ward where I get to care for both adults and children. 

We are like a family here. Through the years, there have been various opportunities for me to broaden my knowledge within a warm and caring nursing environment NUH nursing offers.”

Pursuing My Nursing Passion  Bringing Lives into the World

Sushma Sukanya Mohan (Senior Staff Nurse  Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

“I graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and joined NUH in 2010. It’s pure bliss to be posted to the Delivery Suite! 

At NUH, I have been provided with multiple opportunities to improve my skills with in-house courses and sponsorship awards to pursue higher academic qualifications.

I have always believed that being a midwife is my calling in life. I was euphoric when I finally became a midwife in 2016 after I graduated from NYP’s Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Midwifery), sponsored by NUH.

Witnessing patients see their baby for the very first time makes me feel that my job is worth it at the end of the day.

This is what keeps me coming back to work every day.”