The NUH Nursing Department and the Nursing Research Council recognised the significance of financial support in enabling nursing research, and has set up a competitive grant amount of $5,000 or more based on justifications for nursing research activities.

The Nursing innovation, Clinical Inquiry, Enabling Research (NiCER) Award aims to:

  • Engage in innovation to improve patient outcomes and enhance nursing professional practice
  • Enable nurses to build their capability in conducting research
  • Generate new knowledge and contribute to nursing research through clinical inquiry
Successful NiCER Award awardee(s) has the privilege to enrol in the Nursing Research Fellowship (NRF) programme that utilises a formal mentoring framework, supported by a comprehensive suite of research related courses and resources, to guide awardee through the conduct of clinical research in NUH.

NiCER Award 2021
​Study Title: 
SSN Beatrice Chua 

Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 
Ward 48

​Experience of postnatal women in a critical care setting: a qualitative study
SSN Jolyn Chin 

National University Heart Centre, Singapore, Ward 63

​The effects of early ambulation on cardiovascular haemodynamics in patients with Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (NSTEMI) prior to percutaneous coronary angiogram
SSN Ellene Lim 

National University Heart Centre, Singapore, Ward 28

Exploring factors influencing length of stay after PCI in cardiac monitoring unit
SN Tan Pin Yan 

National University Cancer Institute, Singapore, Ward 56

​Evaluation of the performance of the 4A's test in screening for delirium in an inpatient Geriatrics Haematology- Oncology population
SSN Wong Yin Mun 

Surgical, Ward 7B

​The prevalence of positive urine culture samples due to contamination amongst inpatient adults in an acute hospital