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Welcome to GPLC Online

The General Practitioner Liaison Centre (GPLC) of NUH aims to build rapport and facilitate collaboration among general practitioners (GPs), family physicians and NUH specialists.
As a central coordinating contact, we provide assistance in areas
such as patient referrals, continuing medical education training, as well as general enquiries about the hospital services.

Commitment to Medical Education

At NUH, we strive to advance health by integrating excellent clinical care, research and education. As part of our mission, we are committed to provide regular Continuing Medical Education (CME) events for primary care physicians, which would provide the latest, and relevant, clinical updates practical for your patient care.

GP Partners Loyalty Programme

Join Us – NUH GP Partners’ Network

Partnership with healthcare professionals in the community is key to excellent, holistic patient care. Effective engagement of GPs and family physicians is therefore, of great importance to us; and we hope to work with you to provide quality care for our mutual patients.

So join us - the GP Partners’ Network is NUH’s dedication to build strong partnerships and closer integration between GPs and our hospital.

Shared Care Programmes

Working towards a Well-Integrated Healthcare Continuum

At NUH, the cornerstone of our tripartite mission is the patient.
We believe that patients with stable and well-controlled medical conditions are ideally cared for in the community. GPs and family physicians are valued team partners in the healthcare network who can provide quality, continuous and comprehensive care for such patients.

NUH is building a two-way coordinated continuum of care from hospital to community in various clinical initiatives; we look forward to working with you.

Health Resources for Patients

We aim to empower patients with the knowledge to protect and guard their health.

Patient education materials help patients and their families understand health conditions, ways to prevent and treat them as they occur.

Browse through the resources we have to support your patients.

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