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New family medicine clinic opens in Clementi

06-May-2013 (Mon) TODAY- Online

Patients with chronic conditions who do not need specialist care can now get outpatient treatment at a new family medicine clinic in Clementi, Frontier Family Medicine Clinic. Located at City Vibe in Clementi Central, Frontier Family Medicine Clinic is a partnership between the National University Health System and Frontier Healthcare Group.

This means that it will treat patients referred by National University Hospital (NUH), as well as walk-in patients. These include patients with diabetes, hypertension, stroke and asthma.

NUH said this is a more convenient setting for patients who are stable enough to be cared for in the community, adding that they will also enjoy shorter waiting times.

Dr Tham Tat Yean, CEO and senior family physician at Frontier Healthcare Holdings, said: “Because of our connectivity with NUH, our records are also read by our NUH colleagues.

“When the patients’ conditions become more complex, and if they require more specialist input and intervention, we can easily refer patients back to the hospital for further management.” CHANNEL NEWSASIA