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Asia’s first fertility training centre opens

22-Mar-2011 (Tue) News, The New Paper

Giving ‘hope to the hopeless’

DOCTORS and scientists seeking to step up their skills in fertility treatment can attend courses at a new facility at the National University Hospital.

The Centre for Reproductive Education and Specialist Training (Crest) was built with a $3.8-million donation from German pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck-Serono.

Doctors who want to specialise in in-vitro treatment and scientists keen to become embryologists can go to the centre to practise their techniques.

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan wrote a blog post titled “Hope To The Hopeless” after attending the official launch of the centre yesterday.

He wrote: “Decades of investment in medical excellence have raised Singapore Medicine to a high level.

“In some specialties, like ophthalmology and stem cell research, we are world-class...”

He added that Singapore is a World Health Organisation Centre for Reproductive Medicine, with local doctors pioneering some in-vitro fertilisation procedures.

He wrote: “We have now set up Asia’s first fertility training centre...

“But the best advice to couples is still to marry and start family early.”

The centre started conducting courses last September. So far, it has trained 30 doctors and embryologists, some of them from other countries such as China, Vietnam and Brunei.

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