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Donate Blood



NUH Blood Donation Centre (BDC) will be closed
with effect from 1 October 2017


Blood donation services will cease from 1 October. 

For many of you who are blood donors at BDC, we hope that you will continue to give blood at other

blood banks in Singapore and be the lifeline to many patients. You can continue to do so

at other blood banks in Singapore, or make your contribution at the mobile blood drive locations.

Please visit ‘HSA Website’ for more information.


Thank you for your support.


Therapeutic Apheresis service will continue under the care of 
the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS). 





As you read this, a patient may be critically ill and his life may depend on whether a unit of blood of the right type is available. Just one pack of your blood can save the life of another person!

Donating blood only takes a few minutes of your time and is safe. You will not catch any disease from doing so as new needles and blood packs are used for every donation.

So, if you are a healthy male or female, aged between 16* to 60 years and weighing at least 45 kg, please help save a life through blood donation.

Find out more about Myths of Blood Donation.

Please note that:

  1. Singapore requires all blood donors to show official documentation (such as identification or work permit) of a local residential address for at least six months thereafter
  2. Tourists on visit passes are not allowed to donate blood

*16 & 17-year-old donors require parental consent to donate blood.