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Round Up Lah!

An NUHS Fund Limited-Timbre Charity Drive


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Round Up Lah! about?

Timbre Group is partnering NUHS Fund Limited, a registered charity with IPC status, to raise funds for children in need from the Department of Paediatrics at the National University Hospital. This initiative was launched on 7th October 2016.



How do I contribute to Round Up Lah!?

You can contribute by rounding up your bill to the nearest $10 when you dine at Timbre outlets*. The difference will go to children in need. Timbre will match your donation dollar for dollar until a total of S$100,000 is reached.


You can also tag yourself and your friends or families at a Timbre outlet with the hashtag #RoundUpLah.


*Donations are received across all six Timbre outlets except Timbre+, where the initiative is applicable to the Bottle Shop only.



Is my donation for Round Up Lah! eligible for tax deduction?

Any donations by rounding up your bill at any Timbre outlet will not be eligible for a tax deduction.


Donations of $50 and above at our donation website here will be eligible for tax deduction (credit cards only).



Why are donations required?

Despite government subsidies and schemes such as Medifund to help the less fortunate, co-payment is still required which some families are still unable to afford.


Certain procedures or treatments are also excluded from government funding. This is where NUHS Fund Limited steps in to help patients who are in need of financial aid.


100 per cent of the proceeds raised go towards our sick patients. All patient applications have to be recommended by a Medical Social Worker who conducts a financial assessment to ensure that financial assistance is required.



What is NUHS Fund Limited?

NUHS Fund Limited is a registered charity with IPC status, and NUHkids is one of the programmes under the charity. A key objective is to assist patients undergoing treatment at NUHS entities, determined to be in need of financial assistance, with the costs of medical treatments, including the costs of the recovery process.


You may find out more about our charity here.



Other than Round Up Lah! how else can I donate to NUHS Fund Limited?

You can make an online donation by visiting our donation website here (credit cards only).


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