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Twins & Multiple Pregnancies



Our team of doctors will be around during the birth process to provide assistance and care for the babies when they are born.


Signs and symptoms

The babies may be premature and require supportive care. They may be brought to term (more than 37 weeks of pregnancy) but may be low birth weight of less than 2.5kg. They may require monitoring for blood sugar and jaundice.

They may also be mildly premature (more than 34 weeks but less than 37 weeks). They may need transient monitoring and support for temperature control, feeding and also jaundice.


About the condition

Twins and multiple pregnancies is both a happy and also stressful condition for both the mother as well as the babies.

Mothers are at higher risk of pregnancies related problems like high blood pressure, diabetics and also early labour.

Twins and multiple pregnancies are also at risk of prematurity, growth differences between the two babies and also birth injuries during delivery.


Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Our specialized will provide care and assistance at delivery. For those who are premature, they may be transferred to the high-dependence wards so that they can maintain and optimize their care with careful attention to temperature control as well as sugar control.

Those who are found to be jaundice will have treatment as required.