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Congenital Heart Conditions (Newborn)

Signs & Symptoms

Some parents may already know that their baby has a congenital heart condition, diagnosed by ultrasound during pregnancy. These babies will be attended to at birth by our doctors.

Babies with congenital heart conditions may be sick soon after birth, appearing blue around the lips due to inadequate blood oxygenation, or due to poor heart function. Others may appear well and will only be diagnosed during the doctor's physical checks. The most frequent sign is a heart murmur (extra sound heard using the stethoscope) detected by the doctor in the nursery, or at a routine check at about one month of age.


What causes the condition

The problem is caused by abnormal formation of the heart structure when the baby is in the womb.


About the condition

There are a variety of congenital heart conditions. They can be due to wrong connections of major blood vessels coming out of the heart, abnormal openings between different parts of the heart (shunts), or blockage of normal blood pathways (stenosis).


Diagnosis and Treatment Options

If diagnosis was known before birth, baby will be examined and attended to at birth by our doctors, and referred to the paediatric cardiologist after stabilization.

Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart) will be done. Various blood tests and Chest X-ray may also be needed.

The more serious conditions will require special medications, breathing support and urgent referral to the cardiothoracic surgeons. For most other conditions, once the diagnosis is confirmed on the 2D Echocardiography, baby may be discharged home with a follow up appointment, with or without medications to be taken by mouth.


Post Op Care

If surgery is required, the baby will be cared for in the Paediatric Intensive Care or Neonatal Intensive Care facility after the heart operation.