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Paediatric BMT Fellowship

The National University Hospital Paediatric and Adult BMT services manage approximately 70 new BMTs annually. This number is increasing at a rate of 30% each year since 2006. Our programme is currently the largest BMT programme in the restructured sector in Singapore. This fellowship is tailored to meet the needs of advanced paediatric hematology/ oncology trainees/ graduates in acquiring clinical knowledge and skills to be able to start and maintain a paediatric dedicated BMT program in their home country.

Eligibility: Applicants must have completed Paediatric Hematology/ Oncology training

Training Duration: 1-year fellowship

The training is modular with 4 modules of 3 months each to accomplish the relevant training objectives. After completion of the foundation module (3 months), trainee can opt to continue with advanced modules (9 months).

Methods of Training:

  1. Clinical Training:
    1. Daily inpatient ward rounds (> 2 times a day as indicated)
    2. Weekly clinical hand-over rounds (Mondays 9am)
    3. Twice weekly outpatient clinics (Mondays 2pm, Wednesdays 10.30am)
    4. Weekly medico-social multidisciplinary meeting (Wednesdays 2.30pm)
    5. Weekly Paediatric Intensive Care Round (Monday 7.45am)
  2. Clinical Laboratory Training (1 month):
    1. Blood bank
    2. Blood donation centre
    3. Stem cell laboratory
    4. HLA laboratory
  3. Didactic/ Interactive Teachings:
    1. Twice weekly hematology teachings (Tuesdays 4.30pm, Thursdays 2pm)
    2. Weekly general paediatrics CME and hospital grand rounds
    3. Weekly haematology journal club (Thursdays 11.30am)
    4. Weekly stem cell laboratory meeting (Fridays 1pm)
    5. Weekly grand morphology and flow cytometry rounds (Thursdays 1pm)
    6. Weekly BMT journal club/ meeting (Thursdays 4.30pm)
    7. Weekly Davao/ Philippines – St Jude Outreach meeting (Fridays 8.30am)
  4. Research Laboratory Training:
    1. Paediatric Hematology/ Oncology Laboratory: MRD detection, NK cell receptors studies, immune reconstitution studies, pharmacogenomics studies


  1. Weekly case/s presentation and discussion (in and outpatient – new and existing cases)
  2. Log book
  3. One-page report at end of each module
  4. Exit viva for Fellows who complete 4 modules with a certification of training in our centre


A paediatric BMT physician will be assigned to oversee and monitor the entire training period of the Fellow. He/ she will not be assigned to supervise more than 2 Fellows or advance trainees at any given time.

All clinical work that the Fellow is responsible for will also be supervised by the paediatric BMT physician on-service for that week.

Research Component:

Fellows who choose to do all 4 modules are required to:

  1. Participate in clinical/ translational BMT research. This can be active participation in open trials/ studies or start new protocols/ studies.
  2. Complete a paper (case reports acceptable) submission to relevant subspecialty journal and/or to present a poster in a local or international scientific meeting.

Interested Applicants, please email Dr. Poh-Lin Tan

Fellows' office at VUC3 Night call room