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NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI)


Since 14 January 2019, our outpatient paediatric services has been consolidated within a one-stop centre which was made possible through a generous gift from the estate of Khoo Teck Puat.


Our new centre focuses on creating a therapeutic environment that is child-centric and family-friendly. The overall ‘playscape’ design concept is inspired by nature. Studies have shown that through good play, a child’s body, mind and soul are stimulated which encourages interaction and creative development. The ‘playscape’ ethos begins from the arrival atrium. Its environment and interiors serve to provide your child and family a holistic care experience.


Connected And Patient-Focused

Our 10-storey outpatient centre is visually prominent with a lofty 14m-high arrival atrium, rising above the surrounding buildings. A clear separation of vehicular and pedestrian flow ensures a safe arrival and facilitates registration.


The spacious atrium aims to promote intuitive way finding for visitors arriving via different transports or from other buildings within the Kent Ridge campus. The linkway on the fourth level will connect the new centre to the Main Building, allowing integration with existing facilities (including inpatient facilities and services) and maximising operational efficiency for the existing and new services. The experience of each visit focuses on two essential aspects: one-stop convenience and a delighted child.


Child-Friendly And Family-Centred

In order for paediatric consultation to be a pleasant experience for the child and the accompanying caregiver, we aim to provide a cosy and comfortable environment where stress is taken out of the visit.


Your child and family will first be greeted with an explosion of colours at our city-themed atrium. The journey to the upper storeys sees a nature-themed reception and waiting areas which will lead to the outdoor playground.


Traditional seating and room configuration are replaced by modular furniture that serve as play objects and resting areas. The sky gardens are adjacent to the waiting areas on every floor. This access to daylight and the outdoors creates a therapeutic environment integral for a healing experience.


Waiting time is translated into play time in the themed (i.e. rainforest, savannah, arctic) waiting area as the child climbs, crawls, interacts and explores the theme-inspired features within observatory vicinity of the parents.


Our new centre will change the experience of a visit to the hospital for both the child as well as the accompanying caregiver. We believe it will change the way paediatric care is delivered in Singapore and elevate healthcare for children and adolescents to a new level, delivering better health outcomes for the future.


Directions to NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI)

Click on the button below for directions on how to get to the NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI) from Kent Ridge Station (Circle Line), where to alight if arriving by car as well as where to park.


NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI) Directional Guide


Frequently Asked Questions


Why are we moving?

We are consolidating our outpatient clinical services, pharmacy, diagnostic and rehabilitation services within a one-stop centre as part of our expansion plans. The aim is also to create a child-friendly and family-centred environment to enhance the experience of a visit to the hospital for both the child as well as the accompanying caregiver.


What are the paediatric services not seen in the NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI)?

Our Viva-University Children’s Cancer Centre will remain at Medical Centre. The Paediatric Day Therapy and Shaw-NKF Children’s Kidney Centre will also remain at their current locations. Patients visiting the Dental, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat or Neuroscience clinics can continue to do so at the respective locations.


When do I go to the NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI) for my appointments?

All appointments at Children's Clinic A, Children's Clinic Annex, Baby and Child Clinic and Rehabilitation Centre (paediatrics) will be seen at the NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI) from 14 January 2019 onwards.


Getting Here

How do I get to the NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI)?

Please refer to our directional guide here if you are walking from Kent Ridge Station (Circle Line) or arriving by car. Follow the hospital signages to get to our centre.


If I am coming by train, how do I make my way to the new centre?

Alight at Kent Ridge Station (Circle Line) and walk towards the Main Building Lobby B. Make a left turn at the ATM machines and continue walking towards Kent Ridge Wing. Walk towards Lift Lobby 7 of Kent Ridge Wing Level 1. The directional signages will lead you to the new centre.


Is there a taxi stand or drop-off/pick up point?

There is no taxi stand but we have a drop-off/pick-up point at the new centre. If you are using private hire transport (e.g. Grab) or taxi, please indicate ‘NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI)’ as the location.


Where is the nearest carpark?

You may park at Kent Ridge Wing carpark (Basement and Level 1) or Medical Centre (Levels 5, 6, 7, 7A).


NUH now has a visitor management system (VMS) to register visitors and patients. Do I have to register myself/my child in order to come for my/my child’s appointment at the NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI)?

You do not need to register via the VMS if you are coming to the NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI) during our operational hours.



Are there breastfeeding / diaper changing rooms in this centre?

There are 7 breastfeeding rooms located at the Lobby as well as on Levels 6, 7 and 8 near the restrooms.


Where are the nearest food courts?

The centre does not have F&B outlets. There are 2 Kopitiam Food Courts located at Main Building Level 1 and Medical Centre Level 5 respectively.


Where are the nearest ATM machines?

ATMs for POSB, UOB and OCBC are located at Main Building Level 1. Click here for more information on other amenities in the hospital.



Will there be an SMS reminder to prompt me for my/my child's appointment?

Yes, you will receive the standard SMS reminder about 3 working days before your appointment. It will indicate ‘NUHkids Specialist Centre’ on the SMS.


How will I be notified of the change in consultation venue?

Your SMS reminder for upcoming appointments, referral card or letter will reflect the name of the new building.


Who should I contact to change my appointment?

Please call the main appointment hotline at 6772 2002 or email to nuhkids_enquiries@nuhs.edu.sg to change your appointment.


Patient Journey

NUHkids Specialist Centre (KTP-NUCMI) will be adopting the 1-Queue System. It is an integrated system that generates one queue number which lists down all the service points for your appointment.


When you arrive, you will receive one queue number upon registration. This queue number is the same number throughout your appointment from registration to payment. The ticket will list down the location/s of your consultation / procedures. Your last stop is the pharmacy if you have medicines to collect before making payment. This will help to streamline processes for a smoother patient journey with us.


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