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Specialist Referral

The National University Hospital (NUH) is a tertiary specialist hospital in Singapore, and a major referral centre for a wide range of medical, surgical and dental specialties. Equipped with comprehensive, highly-developed facilities as well as dedicated and well-trained staff, our goal is to provide advanced, leading-edge medical care and services to all our patients.          

To refer your patient to any of our NUH Specialists, you may call our GP Hotline at (65) 6772 2000 to make an appointment. 

For overseas referrals, please contact our Patient Liaison Centre (IPLC) at our 24-Hour Helpline at (65) 6779 2777

We also offer the Direct SOC (Specialist Outpatient Clinic) Access Programme for urgent cases.

Referral to Specialist Care

To aid our primary care partners in providing seamless care for their patients, we offer GPs and family physicians the Direct SOC Access Programme.

Direct SOC Access

This provides GPs and family physicians a fast and convenient way to book appointments for their patients with urgent but medically stable conditions. GPs will be able to get the outpatient appointments for their patients to see our specialists on the same day or, at the shortest possible time (usually within 7 working days).

Benefits of Direct SOC Access for your patients

  • Save on A&E fees for patients
  • Shorter waiting time for appointments 


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