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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (Children)





Senior Consultant




What causes it

In children, the most common cause is adenoid and tonsil enlargement. However, a nose, throat or craniofacial growth cause is possible too.



About the condition

Snoring is not just a social problem, some snorers stop breathing during sleep. Increasingly, snoring has been linked to poor concentration, learning and IQ; problems related to behaviour, heart, blood pressure, weight and growth; nightmares, asthma, and even sudden death.



Diagnosis and Treatment Option

To determine the severity of the condition and to exclude a central brain cause, a children sleep study will be performed by our Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Service.


Treatment may involve weight and diet control at the Obesity Clinic, night-time masks delivering pressurised air, obturators or surgery. Surgery may involve removal of enlarged tonsils and adenoids, radiofrequency reduction of nose turbinate swellings, laser or conventional soft palate surgery, and tongue base advancements. Craniofacial disproportions may require facial advancements by our Plastic & Neurosurgeon colleagues.