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Department of Otolaryngology (ENT)
- Head & Neck Surgery

Common Conditions:

Allergic Rhinitis / Nasal Allergy


Ear (Otology) & Dizziness

Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Head & Neck Cancers

Swallowing Problem

Hearing & Language

Thyroid Problem

Paediatric (Kids) ENT


Nasal Polyps


Centre for Hearing Intervention & Language Development (CHILD)

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Hear & Be Heard!


The Centre for Hearing Intervention & Language Development (CHILD) is a one-stop centre catering to adults and children with hearing, language and communication problems. The team comprises Consultants (ENT), Audiologists, and Speech Language Therapists who specialise in hearing related disorders.


The clinic was first set up in 1999 to provide basic hearing aid services. With greater emphasis on timely diagnoses and early intervention, the team has since expanded to provide a host of services ranging from basic hearing screenings to full diagnostic tests, for both children and adults. 


Our aim has always been to provide the highest quality healthcare to all patients supported by specialised equipment and techniques. In addition, the clinic emphasises the importance of family and caregiver support.


Our mission is to integrate the hearing impaired into mainstream society by providing prompt and efficient diagnosis and management through appropriate hearing amplification and auditory verbal therapy approaches. Multi-modal approaches are also offered for patients who may require additional support.



Our Services




Screening for Hearing Loss

Electrophysiological Assessments

Hearing Aid Evaluation & Fitting

Hearing Rehabilitation

(Central) Auditory Processing Disorder (C)APD Assessment

Tinnitus Management & Counselling

Pre-implant Hearing Assessments

Cochlear Implant Mapping

Vestibular (balance) Evaluation and Management


Middle Ear & Cochlear Implants, Surgical Programme

(Paediatrics & Adults)

Bone-anchored Hearing Aids

Middle-ear Implants

Cochlear Implants

External, Middle & Inner-ear Surgery & Reconstruction

Pre & Post Implant Assessments

Family Guidance Counselling


Speech & Language Therapy

(Paediatrics & Adults)

Pre & Post Implant Assessments & Intervention

Patient/Family Counselling

School & Home Visits

Mainstream School Integration Services

Social Skills Groups

Central Auditory Processing Therapy


Other Services

Genetic Testing & Family Counselling

Public & Primary Healthcare Education