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Vijaysarathi S/O Ramachadaran

I work in the neurosurgical ward. I am not just a nurse, but also the ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ of my patients, many of whom are bed-bound and require assistance with their daily living activities.

I am also their listening ear and shoulder to lean on. Talking — and, more importantly, listening — to them helps me know their needs, concerns, fears and wishes. I enjoy getting to know my patients better. It helps me to understand them and pushes me to better deliver care. My greatest job satisfaction is seeing my patients recover.

Another motivating factor is the rapport and teamwork that I have with my colleagues. It is highly rewarding to work together towards a common goal to deliver safe, quality and compassionate patient care.


Vijaysarathi S/O Ramachadaran
Senior Assistant Nurse
University Surgical Cluster


Could you share a story which inspires you?

A patient’s father was under a lot of stress and in denial of his son’s condition.  His son was bedbound and he had high expectations for his son’s care.  When his son was assigned to me, I tried my best to make the patient as comfortable as possible and engaged the father in the care. He came to understand and appreciated the efforts rendered by the nurses. 

Working as a nurse allows me to meet people from different walks of life.I have learnt to better support the patients and their families emotionally over the years.


What keeps you motivated at work?

I am happy to be part of a great team that is always there to support each other. My seniors are also there to teach and guide us whenever we are in doubt.

Teamwork is important as it improves staff morale.


What do you like about working at NUH?

In NUH, there are ample opportunities for individuals to grow in our career. We are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver the best care to our patients. Besides work, there is no lack of activities for us to bond as co-workers, which translates into teamwork and safer, quality and compassionate patient care.