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Felicia Neo

The best thing about working in ICU is the satisfaction of seeing once bedbound patients, get transferred out, but still make the effort to thank us at our unit. With the complexity of care that we provide, sometimes it is the simple things that matter the most. It is important to remember that we have to care for the patient like a person, not neglecting their diverse stories, backgrounds and needs. As a strong advocate for evidence-based nursing, I strive to provide nursing care of the highest standards, backed by the latest evidence as much as possible.

Felicia Neo
Senior Staff Nurse
Surgical Intensive Care Unit


Can you share more about what you do?

I care for post-operative patients who often require complex therapies to maintain various physiological functions. A typical day involves looking after 1-2 patients, understanding their conditions, coordinating with a multi-disciplinary team to plan and execute care, handling various equipment to support patients’ needs, being alert to ensure promptness in addressing sudden changes in patients’ conditions, ensuring accurate documentation of the care and engaging the patients’ caregivers by the bedside. The best thing about working in the Intensive Care Unit is the satisfaction of seeing patients, who may have been bedbound when they were transferred out, walking back into the unit to thank us.


Tell us about being a nurse.

 As nurses, we assist our patients when they are most vulnerable and in need of help. Every task we do has meaning and a purpose – when we clean them, we are also assessing their recovery, engaging them cognitively and determining their needs. I am proud of what I do because by just doing my job, I have the opportunity to make each day count by doing something meaningful.

I am also a strong advocate for evidence-based nursing. I believe that as much as possible, we should strive to provide nursing care of the highest standards, backed by the latest evidence. Wanting to be a good and competent nurse also motivates me to keep learning, from my colleagues and through formal education and conferences.

I have been very fortunate to have leaders who care about my professional growth. The opportunities to attend various types of training, as well as the support they give in leading projects and implementing improvements in the unit, have helped me to stay motivated at work. NUH is an organisation which cares about their people and their opinions. This makes me proud of being a nurse at NUH.