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Chua Ngiang Kok


I'm 71 now and still enjoy working after a good 20 years. 

For many patients who come to the emergency department, I am the first person they meet on arrival. I take their temperature and ask them a list of questions, all done to ensure they receive the appropriate care. Being at the frontline means I'm constantly exposed to viruses and illnesses. However, I take this in my stride know that I am trained. No matter who the person is, I must attend to him or her professionally. 

At the emergency department, teamwork is very important. Everyone helps everyone. When it gets busy at the screening station, my colleagues never fail to stop to help me out. I never need to ask. That's teamwork. 


Chua Ngiang Kok
Heathcare Assistant
Emergency Medicine Department 


What is a day at work for you?

My job comprises two parts – I can be at the front line doing patient screening or in the store where I manage the inventory.

I am usually at the patient screening station for the first half of the day. There is a list of questions that we ask the patients before they enter the emergency area to determine the severity of their condition. I help to ensure that they get the most appropriate care, e.g if the patients have chest pain and look pale, they require immediate attention and will be brought to the resuscitation area immediately.

In the afternoon, I will be at the store.  I make sure the place is tidy and replenish the stock so that people know exactly where to retrieve the items.


What are you proud of in your job?

When my colleagues praise me for keeping the room well stocked and they can find what they need quickly, I feel proud.Sometimes, my colleagues comment that ‘Uncle Chua makes a difference’ as they can tell if I am at work that day by looking into the store.


You are 71 years old, what keeps you going at this age?

I am mentally and physically strong and still enjoy working. I keep my immunity strong as being in the frontline means I am exposed to viruses. Being mentally strong helps me stay calm in times of chaos and to empathise with the patients.