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  • Healthcare Humanity Award 2015

In recognition of their exemplary service and contributions to the community:

  • Professor Dale Fisher (Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Infectious Diseases)

  • Associate Professor Malcolm Mahadevan (Head and Senior Consultant, Emergency Medicine Department)

  • Juvena Gan (Nurse Clinician, Ward 28 (Critical Care Unit))

  • Lo Chew Yong (Nurse Clinician, Ward 28 (Critical Care Unit))

  • Cing Khan Lian (Senior Staff Nurse, Ward 8B (Paediatric Haematology-Oncology))

  • MOH Nurses' Merit Award 2015

The award recognises nurses for their outstanding performance and dedication to the nursing profession:

  • Lee Siew Hui (Nurse Clinician, Clinical Nursing Unit)
  • Lee Hwee Siang (Nurse Manager. Ward 62)
  • Wei Yan (Nurse Manager, Ward 46A)
  • Chan Sok Yin (Senior Staff Nurse, Ward 48)
  • Sibi Cecile Duran (Assistant Nurse Clinician, Ward 43)
  • Kartika Aryani Bte Nasir (Senior Nurse Clinician, Operating Theatre)
  • Yang Jinghui (Nurse Clinician, Ward 21)
  • Kee Li Leng Janice (Senior Nurse Educator, Ward 28)
  • Siti Rabaah Binte Abdul Hamid (Nurse Educator, Emergency Medicine Department)
  • Chin Lian Hiong (Assistant Nurse Clinician, Renal Unit)
  • Law Geik Liew (Nurse Clinician, Main Building Operating Theatre)
  • Yang Qiuping (Nurse Manager, Ward 5A)


  • National Day Awards 2015

In recognition of their merit and service to Singapore:

  • The Public Administration Medal (Gold)

Associate Professor Benjamin Ong Kian Chung, Senior Consultant, Division of Neurology, University Medicine Cluster

  • The Public Administration Medal (Bronze)
    • Associate Professor Eugene Liu Hern Choon, Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesia
    • Wu Tuck Seng, Deputy Director, Pharmacy

For the full list of National Day Awards 2015 recipients, click here


  • National Medical Excellence Awards (NMEA) 2015

The NMEA is the only award given out by the Ministry of Health (MOH) that recognises contributions from health professionals for innovations in healthcare, patient safety, clinical quality, biomedical research as well as training and education of clinicians.

  • National Outstanding Clinician-Scientist Award 2015 

Associate Professor Tai E Shyong, Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Endocrinology, University Medicine Cluster

  • National Outstanding Clinician Mentor Award 2015

Professor Lee Chuen Neng, Chair, University Surgical Cluster, Senior Consultant, Department of Surgery, University Surgical Cluster and Deputy Director, National University Heart Centre, Singapore

  • National Outstanding Clinical Quality Champion Award 2015

Associate Professor James Yip, Chief Medical Information Officer and Senior Consultant, National University Heart Centre, Singapore