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Event Details

5th NUHS-Harvard BIDMC Internal Medicine Conference 2021

29 Oct 2021


Online Event

The 5th edition of the NUHS-Harvard BIDMC Internal Medicine Conference 2021 will be held on 29-31 October 2021. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (BIDMC) is a major teaching affiliate of the Harvard Medical School. This conference started off as a partnership between NUHS and Harvard-BIDMC as an internal medicine conference targeted at residents with the aim of helping them keep abreast with updates in medical fields.

For this 5th edition in 2021, we are most excited to announce that we will be expanding the conference to benefit not just internal medicine residents, but all specialists (junior and senior) across medically-related specialties and our colleagues in primary care. It promises to be richer and more exciting than the previous editions. 

Expect a jam-packed and wide-ranging program touching on contemporaneous, relevant and important developments across various fields in Medicine. Do also check out the "Year-in-review" specialty updates as these sessions promise to bring you up to speed with some of the latest evidence which you can apply clinically.

In line with the theme of "Advancing Medicine, Inspiring Care", we hope to arm everyone with updated knowledge and bridge the knowledge to practice gap. 

An attendance of more than 200 participants from the local fraternity and the Asia-Pacific region is expected to join us at this event. We hope the event will not only provide a learning platform for you, but also opportunities to network with local and international experts and peers. The sessions will undoubtedly provide invaluable insights into the current trends and issues in Internal Medicine and beyond.

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